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National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam ...
The Spring Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, which became the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, was a coalition of antiwar activists formed in November 1966 to organize large demonstrations in opposition to the Vietnam War.The organization was informally known as "the Mobe".Individuals and organizations associated either with the Spring Mobilization to ...

Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam - Wikipedia
The Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam was a massive demonstration and teach-in across the United States against the United States involvement in the Vietnam War.It took place on October 15, 1969, followed a month later, on November 15, 1969, by a large Moratorium March in Washington, D.C. Fred Halstead writes that it was "the first time [the anti-war movement] reached the level of a full ...

Bobby Kennedy proposes plan to end the war - HISTORY
Senator Robert Kennedy (D-New York) proposes a three-point plan to help end the war.The plan included suspension of the U.S. bombing of North Vietnam and the gradual withdrawal of U.S. and North ...

Peaceful Protest to End the War in Gaza
The purpose of this peaceful protest was to end the war in Gaza, to stop the Sheikh Jarra evictions, and to end the ongoing occupation and Nakba. It’s important for me to emphasise that this was a peaceful protest carried out by Palestinians and Israelis marching together.

End the War on Nuclear Power—Start with Radiation
It’s time to end the war on nuclear energy; starting with how we think about radiation. COMMENTARY Nuclear energy is the cleanest, safest, densest, and most reliable energy source.

Wounded Veteran Explains Why He Supports Biden's Plan To ...
Wounded Veteran Explains Why He Supports Biden's Plan To End The War In Afghanistan 06:07. X. Copy the code below to embed the WBUR audio player on your site

Northern Plans to End the War [ushistory.org]
In July, 1863, the Confederates suffered a crushing defeat at Gettysburg and, a day later, the Union captured Vicksburg. Union generals devised a strategy to bring the war to an end, starting with a navel blockade to prevent the south from receiving supplies or military support from abroad.

Cannabis Consumers Run to End the War On Drugs In ...
“We run to restore our communities that are devastated by the racially motivated War on Drugs,” said Saskia VannJames. Activists from a Massachusetts-based local nonprofit, MRCC, will run the virtual 5k run, ‘Restore Our Communities’ continuing their annual tradition of cannabis consumers, previously as part of the Cambridge 5k, running to raise awareness for their communities.